Friday, 17 October 2008

Life on an Art and Design campus

It's never dull here, which I think is true of all art colleges. At the moment we have a boat in the quad (makes a change from ducks), a coffin in the staff room and a student living in the car park. The boat I have no explanation for - the caretaker muttered something about an 'art project' when I asked - but the coffin is part of an exhibition on recycling and is rather beautiful and not at all spooky. The student living in the car park is taking up parking spaces (grr) so not too popular with some of the staff but I gather that this is also an 'art project,' last year he did a similar thing by living in the quad for a couple of weeks surviving only on supplies that were given to him by other people. At least his project was fairly quiet, during 'Quadject' last year we had some very noisy geese, some kind of weird music performance and a man walking backwards for hours. I love seeing what the students get up to and perhaps don't do this as often as I should. However my nosiness was rewarded the other day when I asked a student why he was taking photos in the library and it turned out he had a an assignment to make a 1/10 scale model and he had picked a spot in the journals. He showed us some photos this morning and it's almost like looking at the real thing (which is the object of the exercise). He also gave me one of the 500+ mini versions of a bound journal and has promised to give us the model once the assignment is finished. I love twee miniature things, I have decided that when I'm an old lady I'm going to have an obsession with dolls houses.

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